Do you remember this?

Test your knowledge of the 1950s and 60s

What time is it boys and girls?

Time you got a watch!
Time to go to bed.
Howdy Doody Time!
Time is a relative concept. There is no correct answer

Who sang Where the Boys Are?

Billie Holiday
Connie Francis
Bobby Darin
Peggy Lee

What program were these people stars of?

Dobie Gillis
Abbott & Costello
The Three Stooges
Wayne & Schuster

What did Mrs. Caesar say to the private eye, Flavius Maximus?

Just the facts ma'm
Julie don't go!
The butler did it!
Oh! Flavius! Now we can be together!

What Prime Minster said: "Everyone is against me - except the people!"

Louis St. Laurent
John Diefenbaker
Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Prince Charles

What airplane is this?

CF-18 Hornet
CF-100 Canuck
Avro Arrow
Sopwith Camel

What animal is this?

House Hippo
It's only a clay model
A genetic experiment
A prematurely born kitten

Who is this singer and where is he going?

Bob Dylan, Maggie's FArm
Canned Heat, Goin' to the Counry
Ian Tyson, Alberta
Count Basie, Goin' to Chicago

Who is this woman and what did she do?

Queen Elizabeth, Ruler of the British Empire
Diana Krall, jazz singer
Barbara Frum, CBC Radio and TV host.
Julie Payette, Governor General-designate

Who is this man and what is he celebrating?

Wayne Gretzky, winning the Stanley Cup
An overexcited hockey fan being escoted off the ice
Actor Paul Newman in the movie Slapshot
Paul Henderson in the 1972 Canada-Russia hockey tournament.

What is this?

An Inuit drawing of geese in snow
Emblem of the Royal Order of Goose
Part of a traffic sign for a goose crossing.
A submission for the design of the Canadian flag

Who is this?

Casey, a puppet on Mr. Dressup
Cookie Monster
Mickey Mouse