What country has the same population as NS?

San Marino.
Djibouti is a democratic republic on the Horn of Africa. It is an important shipping point. It imports oil.

What vessel is this

The SS Atlantic
USS Columbia
Queen Mary
Picton Castle
The schooner Columbia was an American competitor of the Bluenose in the 1920s.

Where would you find this building?

Stanfield's Ltd manufactures underwear at its factory in Truro, N.S. Robert Stanfield, a former Nova Scotia Premier and leader of the federal Progressive Conservative family was its most famous family member.

When this creature was alive, where was Nova Scotia?

In the North Atlantic
Offshore Morocco
In the Pangaean Ocean
It didn't exist yet
Nova Scotia was adjacent to Morocco 250 million years ago when all the earth's continents were contained in a super land mass called Pangaea. This early plant-eating dinosaur, a member of the Traversodontidae family, lived during that time.

The Bay of Fundy tide is equivalent to the flow of what river?"

The Amazon
All rivers on earth
The St. Lawrence
The Mississippi
Bay of Fundy, rivalled only by Ungava Bay in Northern Quebec, has the hightest tides in the world, up to 14.5 meters (47.5 ft). It's output is equivalent to all the rivers in the world.

When was this newspaper launched?

Aug. 16, 2017
The Halifax Gazette, the first newspaper in Canada, was started in 1752.

What does this road have in common with Mongolia?

Listed as adventurous places by CNN
Both unkown to 80 per cent of Americans
Share the same Latitude
Their capital cities are twinned
CNN listed Mongolia and Nova Scotia among the world's top ten adventurous vacation spots.

Why is this boat being moved by a train?

It's being delivered to Saskatchewan
Needed by trains in low-lying areas
It's on the Chignecto Railway
Part of a boat-train adventure cruise
The Chignecto Railway was proposed as a way of transporting ships from the Bay of Fundy to the St. Lawrence River, saving the time to sail around Nova Scotia. It was nearly complete in 1891 when the financiers ran out of money.

Yarmouth is farther south than?

Washington DC
Northern California
Genoa, Italy
Pyongyang, North Korea.
Genoa, a Mediterranean port with a population of 600,000 in Northern Italy, has a humid subtropical climate and is the home of Christopher Columbus.

Who is this person and where was she born?

Avril Lavigne, Napanee, ON
Kim Kardashian, Los Angeles, California
Shania Twain, Windsor Ontario
Anne Murray, Springhill Nova Scotia.
Canadian pop singer Anne Murray was born in Springhill N.S. She was the first Canadian femal solo singer to reach No. 1 on the U.S, charts with her signature song 'Snowbird', in 1970.

Where did this girl come from?

Summerside, PEI
Nova Scotia
Anne Shirley, the main character in Lucy Maude Montgomery's famous novel, was born in Nova Scotia before being sent to P.E.I.

What city is a world heritage centre?

Lunenburg NS
Podunk Nebraska
Sydney NS
Charlottetown, PEI
Lunenburg, N.S., a fishing village founded in 1753, was declared a UNESCO world heritage city in 1995.